Thursday, May 05, 2005

Run away! Run away!

I still haven't heard back from last Tuesday's interview (26 Apr 05). I called yesterday. I've emailed. I sent handwritten thank you notes. Whatever. My god, I think I might over use that term. Also, I went and applied at a particular steak place. They said that they'd love to have me as a cocktail server and that maybe I could work my way onto the floor. When I blanched at the mention of "cocktail server", they clarified that I'd be paid $10/hour plus tips. And you only have to tip out the bartender 3% of your alcohol sales. Seeing as I walked with $15 from my cocktail shift on Tuesday, I told them that would work for me. I had my first and second interviews yesterday with them and they said they'd call me for a talk with the GM in the next few days. Lordah Mercy! I'm tired of "we'll get back to you". I don't know how long it's appropriate to wait before calling them and saying "why haven't you hired me yet? I'm totally awesome!"

I cut my hair off yesterday. Well, technically Tony cut it off. It's been coming for a while. I think I like it. Or else it totally freaks me out. It kind of looks like newscaster hair. I am not going to post a pic and show you. Just take my word for it.

Hey, does anyone have, like, $1000 they can give me. Not loan, because it would take me a billiondy years to pay it back. I just need a one time gift. You could probably deduct it from your taxes. Giving to the poor is totally deductible.

I am a golf caddy. I cannot yet hit the golf ball properly. And by properly, I mean at all. So, yesterday, The Flake played nine holes in the rain and I carried the bag. He did say that I was the cutest caddy ever. I am, too ;) Then we went and ate burgers. Yum!

I am bartending tonight. a) I need the $$$ (desperately) and 2) the restaurant needs a favor. I am about through doing favors for them, though. I started hostessing Sunday brunches as a favor, and now they've got me hostessing on Mother's Day. The most profitabl brunch shift you can work. I pitched a hee-holy fit. I told my manager that he'd just taken $300 out of pocket, and seeing as I am behind on ALL my bills, I was quitting. He promised me that he'd give me as much cash as the servers make. I am going to have him put it writing tonight, or else he can kiss my ass for Sunday. I won't show up. I'd rather wait tables at fucking Chili's than put up with anymore of this bullshit.

I have to go teach now. Be excellent to each other. Party on!