Friday, April 29, 2005

Run away! Run away!

Austin was interesting. And by interesting, I mean BORING! Oh my god! I know I was doing a favor for a friend, but I literally sat in the car for 12 hours. I also drove all the way home, because my hairdresser was tired from lack of sleep and drained from his exam. So he slept. I did wake him up outside of Waco to look at the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. Which, oddly enough, has a personalized license plate (from Wisconsin) that reads "BOLOGNA". Shouldn't it be "HOT DOG" or at the very least "WEINER". Oh. I see where that could be a problem.

I swung a golf club yesterday. And I even made contact with the ball. It only took my five tries or so. I don't think I'm quite ready for the PGA yet. But it's a start.

Lucy is going to be getting acupuncture soon. Our specialist told me that he's had some luck treating pets before. She's still sort of hobbled from the bump into the Maroon Altima two weeks ago. And she's chewing herself so raw that she bleeds. So, since he can do it for free, I will take him up on it. He'll be using an electric pulse point thingy, rather than the traditional needles. Obviously, I'll try anything to keep her healthy. You have permission to smack me if I turn into one of those crazy dog parents.

I'm going to call the guy that I interviewed wiht on Tuesday morning. I figure it can't hurt to keep my name in his consciousness. I need this job!