Monday, April 11, 2005

Run away! Run away!

randomy nuggets for you, my pets:

Lucy is fine. Better than fine. Still overweight, and a bit cranky, but she's in good health. Maybe she didn't make contact with the maroon car.

The Flake got flowers for me on Friday, just because. I didn't tell him to get them and we hadn't been fighting or anything. He just got them for me. Look how pretty: Free Image Hosting at He also said that we're a couple. Aww. I'm coupled. *makes gagging noises*

Went to dinner Saturday with Leo and The Other Heather Saturday night, to celebrate her birthday. She shares a birthday with my momma. Everything was delicious. We had great service, delectable food and a grand old time. Alos, we were at the restaurant where upon I toil, so our food was discounted 50%. Except for the calamari we got in the lounge. Hmm....

The Auto Show is coming this weekend. I am scheduled to work Saturday night, so I guess we'll go Saturday during the day or else go Sunday afternoon, maybe. Both The Flake and I want go sit in cars we cannot afford. Sounds like fun to me. It's my favorite part about the State Fair, too. I may be dorktacular, but I like the auto show.

I Tivoed the Metallica documentary, so I think I'm going to go spend a couple of hours laughing at Lars Ulrich.