Friday, April 08, 2005

Run away! Run away!

let's see if this works. I typed out a missive detailing my horrifying evening, only to have blogger repeatedly tell me that my document contained no data. So, last night, I went and sat at Neighbor Tim's house. It was me, him and Neighbor Stacey. We're just hanging out, watching some killer bee program on TLC. Stacey asked Lu if she wanted to ride up to La Calla Doce to pick up our calamari. Lucy Fur LOVES riding in cars, so she was all tail-wagging and dog-smiling. So, they go and then come back. We're snacking. The Flake calls me on my cell. We're talking. For a while. I'm half picking at my food, and keeping one eye on Lu. I see her at Neighbor Tim's screen door. She's slowly edging the door open with her big, fat head. I am repeating "Lucy! No!" She darts out the door, hot on the trail of a grey and white cat. I am screaming "Lucy! Come here!" Suddenly, she darts out into Ross Avenue, right as I see a maroon Japanese import careening down my street. I begin to scream. I'm not even speaking euphamistically. I was screaming. The car screeches, there's a thud and I lose it. I peed my pants a little. The fear and horror racing through my body is indescribable. The Flake has no idea what's going on. I'm trying not to throw up, and I am rooted to the spot. I am physically unable to walk out into the street to see what has happened. The maroon car didn't stop. They just kept driving. My neighbor, who'd been in his bathroom comes outside. All I can do is just keep screaming "LUCY!" Neighbor Tim tells me to hang up my phone. I tell The Flake that Lucy's been hit by a car and I'll call him back. He's totally confused. We were just talking and all of the sudden, I started screaming. So, I get off the phone. Lucy has already walked out of the street and back into Neighbor Tim's driveway. Neighbor Tim is trying to calm me down. He tells me to pick up my Lu and we walk over to his porch to assess damage. She's not really limping. She doesn't seem angry or un-Lucy-like at all. So, we wrap her in a towel and take her into the living room. She sits patiently. Neighbor Tim is feeling her legs, checking for injuries. Lu is smiling. Literally smiling at us. I am unable to move my legs. I ask him to offer her a treat and see if she'll follow him. He says "Lu, want a scooby snack?" And with her tail wagging, she gets up and follows him into the kitchen. We keep an eye on her for an hour. She's fine. I was so upset, it took me almost two hours to calm down. I am so thankful that she's ok. Man, what a Thursday!