Thursday, March 03, 2005

She Tied Everybody to Their Chairs

Run away! Run away!

The Ex and I did our taxes yesterday. We're getting a refund. HOORAY! I was concerned that we'd have to pay, since I collected unemployment and I was an independent contractor. But I kept track of mileage (sort of) and I kept all my reciepts for yoga clothes. So, we are getting back $250 each in 8-15 days. He also gave me $150 last night from the sale of our bed. So awesome! That cash will go to pay my rent, and the $250 will cover my insurance payment and then some. A good I.R.S. experience this year.

I'm tired. Just altogether exhausted. I slept quite a bit last night. I was invited over to a friend's house last night. I went for about 30 or 45 minutes. He has a HUGE great dane, named Legend. Legend would probably look intimidating (replete with spiky collar), but he just wanted constant attention. He also does the "big dog lean". I'm sure that if you've ever been around a large dog before, you're familiar with the "big dog lean". As you pet a big dog, they tend to lean into your legs with all their weight. The only downside is that Legend outweighs me by about 30 pounds. He's 138 lbs of fun, though. Is it wrong to like the dog more than the guy?

I'm going to shower and dress for my 9, noon, nanny day. I'll catch ya later, taters! :)