Friday, March 04, 2005

La La La, Oh It's Gettin' Better Now

Run away! Run away!

I'm going to the halls of justice today. Not the Hall of Justice. That would rule. I'm just going to traffic court. There's a dearth of superheroes in traffic court. I'm also gettin' mah hair did today. And I'm supposed to have a date with The Flake tonight. He wants to "play it by ear", which is usually Flakespeak for "I'm going to show up at your house at 11pm, and then wonder why you're too tired to go out."

I forgot to mention that while The Ex and I are getting $$$ back, H&R Block felt that for the 45 minutes it took to prepare our returns, they earned $300. For clicking some buttons. Usually, our taxes were done with the help of TurboTax. I figured this year, what with the divorce and the selling of a house, we'd need professinal help. $300 is pretty fucking steep. In my opinion, anyway. Your mileage may vary.

I should really stop sleeping on the couch. But that's where the tv is. And this old du makes lots of creepy noises at night. So, when I have the tv on, I can pretend that whatever creaking and groaning I hear is coming from the magic light box. Whatever it takes to get through the night, right?

I'm off to clean up. I taught at 6am, so I'm a little sweaty. Good times! Later, my babies!