Sunday, March 06, 2005

It'll Be My Duty to Rock This Fucker Like Stan Getz

Run away! Run away!

caution: whining ahead!

I work with some lazy bitches. No one at my restaurant is ever happy. They never want to do sidework. They're never happy with their stations. They're being sat too much by the hostess. They're not being sat enough by the hostess. Tips suck. People in our part of town are yuppie scum (actually, that's fairly accurate). Get over it! Suck it up and do your goddamned job! Quit fucking whining. Because that shit is contagious. When you walk around scowly and surly, suddenly everyone becomes scowly and surly. STOP IT! PUT A FUCKING SMILE ON YOUR FACE, EVEN IF YOU'RE FAKING IT! Thank you for your time.

Also, The Flake has got me all mixed up. Sometimes, when I'm with him, I just smile. We have so much fun. And then there are times when I feel about as big as the average ladybug. He makes me feel so...insignificant. First it's "next week, we're going to go here and we're going to do this. I'm gonna take care of you" and then it's "well, let's play things by ear. I hate to make plans". YOU NEED TO MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND! Stop being so wishy-washy. Thank you for your time.

Also, I am not diametrically opposed to matrimony. It didn't work out for me, but there are many people who've done it quite successfully. That being said, I really want this shirt

Blah. Rant rant whine whine me me me!