Saturday, February 12, 2005

It All Looked Good on Paper; Now it's Scaring Me to Death

Run away! Run away!

when you were a kid, did your mom ever tell you not to run in the house? Well, I was running in my house, and underestimated the width of the doorjamb. My foot went straight and my pinky toe took a hard left.

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that's not a shadow. Half of my foot is blue. Sweet merciful crap! As if that wasn't indignity enough, I bruised my arm falling down to hold my foot and whimper in pain. I am grace personified.

I got into an argument with The Boy. Now that he knows that I won't live with him, he wants all his stuff back. I told him that he could have his tv and surround sound system. He wanted some tables that he gave me, too. Then, he had the gumption to say that I was "holding about $700 worth of electronics that are mine". I started to say "well, since I've spent at least that much on Buck, let's call it even". But I didn't want to drag out an argument. I said fine, come take it. He wants to send our mutual friend, Buck (2 Legs, Not 4). Whatever! I'm not rearranging my schedule for anyone. I have a set amount of time off and if doesn't gel with what other people think, I don't care. I'm not living my life by anyone's standards but my own.

I'm going to take a vicodin and crash on the couch now. Not The Boy and I were supposed to do some shopping and hanging out today. It's already noon, and I have yet to hear from him. Why am I so attracted to jackasses? Attention men: Do you have anger management issues? A mommy complex? Are you unemployed with no dierction in your life? Well, come move in with me! I'll try to fix you and you'll grow to resent me. It'll be great :)