Tuesday, February 08, 2005

And a Pocketful of Pills She Called Her Friends

Run away! Run away!

I replaced my Lonelyland cd. It's been on constant rotation in the car. I get stuck on certain cds, and listen to them until I think my ears might bleed. Then, I have to banish it for a bit. Like Cat Stevens had to go live with Smang for a while, because I had Peace Train on constant repeat. Constant.

Did you know that SoapNet airs 90210 every weeknight at 5? Oh, god I love my TIVO and DirecTV. Last Saturday, when I was partied out, I laid on my couch almost all day and watch five episodes. The hair cracks me up! And the fashion. I thought that Kelly was the most beautiful, fashionable creature when I was 16. I watch the show now, with 30-year old eyes. And I laugh and laugh. Especially when each show gets to the message. There's a message in every. single. episode. Oh, and Brandon and Brenda don't look anything alike. They're supposed to be twins and they don't even look like they could be related. But I highly recommend going back and watching. Especially if you were a big fan, as I was.

what else? Oh, I told The Boy that I wouldn't move to Houston. He was genuinely disappointed and I felt bad for a minute. I don't want to hurt him. But I'm not giving up my life for anyone. Period. Thanks for the offer though.

Hmm...trying to IM with my niece & nephew, post on my blog and talk on my cell is just too much