Friday, February 25, 2005

Chuckle Belly Superstition Brought On By the Dead

Run away! Run away!

it's Friday night and I ain't got nobody
I got some money, 'cuz I just got paid

that's right, boys and girls. I'm sitting at the du, watching a dvd. This is an exciting life. I asked for Sunday night off from work, so Smang and I could do the 5th Annual Oscar Bonanza Extravaganza. What I got was all weekend off. Tonight & Sunday. I picked up a brunch shift on Sunday morning, because rent's due on Tuesday. I should be all good. If I could stop spending all my cash on hookers and drugs, that is. :)

It's been a fairly slow week. Things at the restuarant are in the slow season right now. OH! Apparently, I offended one of my yoga studio owner's playthings. She felt I was too short with him, and therefore I was too mean altogether. His sister, the other owner, was all "you're always sunshine and lollipops every time I see you, but..." I said that I'd keep my cattiness in check. She and I also agree that there are some people who don't dig the way that I teach (and by extension, her too). I'm all about cracking jokes and being a spastic fantastic when I teach. Some people crave a much more mellow experience. But it was obviously someone who'd never been in my class because her complaint was that my class lacked "flow". Anyone who's ever taken my class knows what a crock that is. If anything, I have too much "flow" (where you move from one pose to the next). I love my studio owner(s). But my main problem with the male owner is that he uses the studio as a personal dating service, and then when those relationships implode, they do it in a spectacular fashion. Example, he recently had to move because one of his former fuckbuddies was stalking him. Important safety tip: don't get involved with psychotics. As soon as you find out how batshit they are, run for the hills. Don't continue to sleep with them until something better comes along. It's just going to end horribly.

So, on the Fametracker movie forums, there's a thread called "Details and Throwawat Jokes You Appreciate". It's totally a thread for me. The little nuances of a movie are what make it worthy of repeated viewing in my home. Example: someone mentioned the scene in Almost Famous, where Russell is at the real people party. An extra with great hair asks him "wanna see me feed a rat to my snake" and he says "yes!" as though he's been waiting his whole life for someone to ask him that. It kills me every time. I have pointed it out to other friends who've watched it with me. The whole thread is full of those little details. *loves* I seriously love reading Fametracker. I learn so much!

All right. I've cleaned my floors, done the dishes and scrubbed the tub. Think I'll get a glass of red wine and sit on the couch pondering my space in the universe. Peace the fork out!