Thursday, February 24, 2005

What Can't Be Said and Only Seen

Run away! Run away!

so, Tuesday night, The Flake and I decided that we'd go to a movie Wednesday. Then, Wednesday afternoon, he calls me: "what are you doing tonight?" I remind him of our plans and tell him to be at my house at 6:45. He says sure. At 6:47, he calls. "I'm running a little late." No worries, just come one down here already. Then, at 7:15, my phone rings again. Guess who? "Wouldn't you rather hang out when I have a paycheck?" Jesus Harold Christ, would you stop stalling? Either come down to downtown or tell me that you're pussing out. Either way. He gets here at 7:45. We decide to go see Constantine. Incidentally, not at all a bad movie. I rather enjoyed it. Immediate bonus points for having Peter Stormare. T'was all I could do to keep from yelling "We vant ze money, Lebow Sky" at the screen. Anyway, as we're walking into the theatre, The Flake makes a big show of "lemme pay for my own ticket. I have $6." Fine. Suit yourself. We walk up and he says "one for the 8:30 Constantine" Small high-schooler behind the counter replies "$8 please". Without missing a beat, The Flake turns to me and says "lemme borrow $2" *wins*

So, go see Constantine if you've got a couple hours to kill. Garth Ennis writes pretty. I especially love his work on Preacher - Gone to Texas. Oh, excuse dork is showing.