Wednesday, February 02, 2005

But I Can't Even Figure Out Just What the F*ck I'm All About

Run away! Run away!

I talked to The Boy yesterday. He was all "why haven't you called?" I tried to explain that I've been busy and also, ya know, we're over. He mentioned that when he gets some time off, he'd like to come to Dallas. First, he said "I'd like to see you". And then, when I made it obvious that he wouldn't be staying here and that we wouldn't be seeing each other, he was all "well, I want to get my stuff". I said no problem; can you tell me which stuff you consider yours? He mentioned the TV & stereo. He left a dramatic pause after he said that. I could almost hear the wheels turning. I said "no worries, just call me and I'll make time to be here, so you can get it." *beat* "You can't take Buck (4 Legs, Not 2), you know." He's all, "I can’t have my dog?" No, you can't have MY dog. The Boy brought him home last June-ish. I got him in July. I've paid for his care, feeding and veterinary costs since then. I registered him with the city of Dallas. Basically, since last summer, I’ve had this dog. So it actually kind of offended me that he would assume that I’d just give him up because The Boy’s upset that I ended our relationship and at the end of the day, he has the maturity of the 22-year old boy that he is. Get over it. Where would Buck (4 Legs, Not 2) live? Outside, at your grandma’s house? When will you spend time with him? I realize that I work a lot. But when I’m not at work, I’m usually here at the house. Also, there’s another dog here to keep him company. And play with him. And wrestle. And all the dog things that the two of them do when they’re alone together (Plot crime waves? Elaborate dog pyramids? Wrestlemania?) So, no, you can’t have MY dog. Actually, what I said was “sure, you can take him; if you’re ready to reimburse me for his vet bills and the cost of removing his microchip.” When I said that came to around $500, suddenly, The Boy agreed that Buck (4 Legs, Not 2) should live with me *snerk*

Oh! A boy called me at 1:00 am this morning. A boy I’ve only met once. He’s all “come to Nikita. I’ll buy your drinks” I hate to turn down free drinks, but dude. By 1:00 am, I’ve usually been asleep for at least two hours. I rarely get out of bed and get redressed to have fun in the middle of the night. I asked for a rain check. Because I’m just that greedy about free booze.

I’ve more pointless crap to discuss. But, it’s 8:30 so I’m going to go get dressed and run a couple of errands before work. Later, my babies