Monday, January 10, 2005

I Don My Fake Fur Feather Boa, Just Like Noah

Run away! Run away!

let's discuss the dvds I have purchased in the past month. I now own: 24 Hour Party People, Shrek 2, Napoleon Dynamite, Garden State, Reality Bites (actually, that one was a gift)....I feel like I may be forgetting one or two. I haven't been able to find a good deal on Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle yet, or I'd own that one, too. I also purchase Frank Sinatra - The Capitol Years and Cat Stevens - Best of this Saturday. I'm a media junkie. I love it, though.

I have decided that since I have hardwood floors, I need a Hoover FloorMate. I will let the Dyson live with Smang until such time as I shall need it again. I'm vacuuming and Swiffering twice a day. I need a tool that can vacuum, mop, and dry. And this is the one I'm getting. You can laugh at my slight OCD (for the record, it totally comes from my mom). But, my landlord waived the pet deposit and also told me that he thought the du was probably the cleaneest he'd ever seen it. Even with two monsters running around. So, I got that goin' for me.

Speaking of my monsters....they had a little adventure last night. We were all over at Neighbor Tim's house. Hanging out, talking, drinking red's just how we roll. Anyway, Neighbor Tim's dog, Marie, is staying with his mom this week, since his dad is out of town. So, he wanted my dogs to hang out with us. So, we're chiling, when suddenly there's a ruckus. Apparently, there was a cat outside. I didn't think much of it, until Lucy decided that the cat needed to be eaten. She runs full speed and opens the screen door. Buck (4 Legs, Not 2) was a half a step behind her. They tear ass across Ross Avenue, and I wake up the percussionist of the Spree trying to wrangle my incorrigible mutts back to my side of the street. No more playing at Neighbor Tim's for them! The little jerks!

Tomorrow morning = divorce court. I hope I'm not late for work. I can't imagine it taking very long, as we're not contesting anything and we just need a judge's approval to dissolve the last bonds of our matrimony. Here's hoping, eh? :)

I think I'm going to Target tonight. I *heart* Target. I especially *heart* SuperTarget, as it also has the groceries I need. I may also attempt the first bubblebath in the new house. I've got a huge, cast-iron tub, just begging to be filled with Mr. Bubble.