Friday, January 07, 2005

Collected All the Evidence, I'm Off the Edge, I'm On the Fence

Run away! Run away!

I have the snot. It's no fun whatsoever. Everyone I know has it, though. It's making the rounds at the studio and at the restaurant. It does make me sound all phlegm-y. Which is either cool, or gross.

In my next life, I want to be a dog.
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I don't have to work from 2pm today until 8am Sunday. Woo freaking hoo! I'm going to rest and get the rest of this cough out of my body. I quit smoking two and a half weeks ago, in effort to avoid all this. And yet *sniffles* *coughs* *sneezes three times*

I want to go to a movie. Maybe Finding Neverland or Meet the Fockers or hell, even Ocean's Twelve *is way behind on movie viewing* I have an extra ticket to the Magnolia. Anyone want to go see Kinsey with me? I'll even buy you some Paciugo!

I'm going to go downstairs and get some Jason's Deli now. Becuase it's lunchtime and I'm hungry.

Peace out, my brothas and sistas
*is wack*