Monday, January 24, 2005

Baby, Whatcha Got Inside Your Big, Ol' Head

Run away! Run away!

so, I totally manifested Adrian into my life. Well, sort of. His wife (!!!) was in my 9am class today. I wanted to say something, but I really wouldn't want her to be uncomfortable in any way. Especially at a yoga studio. Also, Adrian and I broke up eight years ago. It's not like any of it needs to be rehashed. But still, it was weird. Well, not weird so much as "whoa! Small world"

Man, I really messed up my sleep rhythms this weekend. Friday night, I was with the Pickle Girl until 3am. Didn't really go to sleep until 4, and I slept until noon on Saturday. Saturday night, I worked until 10, and then went out with Not The Boy to celebrate his 26th birthday. Saturday night finally drew to a close sometime around 6am Sunday morning. 2 hours before my class. I slept all day yesterday. But I had fun, and that's what really matters, right? Except that the result of my sleeping away my weekend is now I feel that my house cleaning has been terribly neglected.

The Boy won't stop calling me. What a switch from just a few months ago, eh? He'll call just to tell me he misses me. I really should stop answering the phone. But I don't want to be a jerkface. At the same time, I think it's only leading The Boy to think that we still have some sort of relationship. Which, ya know, I don't think we do. He's too young, he doesn't have any direction or desire. He doesn't speak good English. I'm sure that sounds snobbish, but he says things "Them pants don't fit too good!" and "was you gonna come to Houston soon?" *rolls eyes* He's not even phased by the fact that he got evicted from his apartment in Dallas and now owes them $2800. He's just like "oh well, I guess I'll pay them". I just don't want to be another "mommy" situation, where I have to take care of everything for someone that I didn't give birth to.

I talked to my five-year old niece today for almost 20 minutes. She cracks me up. She was giving me her synopsis of Fat Albert. Apparently, there's not one, but two characters with "snowhats". I heard a lot about them. I also heard quite a bit about her new kitty, Felix. Alexis changes subjects quite quickly, and always with the segue "guess what?" Every single time, I'll respond with "chicken butt". To a five-year old, I'm hee-larry-ous!

Not The Boy was looking in my fridge Saturday night. He turned to me and said "No wonder you're so damn skinny. Al you have in here are beverages" I was about to retort "that's so not true", when I happened to glance into the fridge for myself. I have Red Stripe, Fat Tire and Amstel Light. I have a bottle of reisling. I have milk, orange juice, ginger ale and Dr. Pepper. Other than that, all I have is four eggs and assorted condiments. I should really go to the store. But I don't wanna. I just groceries to magically appear one day. That'd be great, thanks!

All righty. I guess I'll find some way to amuse myself for the next 30 minutes. Anyone know any good time wasting internet sites besides Fark and Defamer?