Monday, September 26, 2011

”I need a favor”

I get that a lot. Trouble is, I've said yes so often, that it's come to be expected that I'll just do whatever. I'm trying to think of the last favor that you did for me. I do an awful lot; I get pleasure from helping my loved ones.

But what am I getting in return? What's the last thing you did for me? Were you there for me when my cousin died? Are you ever available when I have to work 14 hour shifts & need someone to check on the dogs? Do you ever call to see if I'm doing all right? Ever driven me to the doctor when I was too sick to drive? Ever brought me a Dr Pepper, just because you know I love it so?

Seriously, what the hell do you do for me? Life ain't quid pro quo, but it seems the scales are heavily tipped in your favor.

Why is that?