Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have a Google+. Whatevs, it's open to everyone now. Now, I want a GoogleMusic!

I hope to go next Tuesday to get my tat finished. I love it a lot, but will love it more when it's complete.

I am in the middle of a ten day stretch at work. I had Thursday off, but I picked up for management, because I'm cool like that. We're short staffed, and I could always use the extra money.

The count of mammals in this house seems to be leveling off. Daisy Dog went to roam a horse farm in Oklahoma. After two years of screaming at the front door to be let out, The Senator was set up outside with his kitty condo, his litterbox and fresh water and food. Of course, he then spent four hours yelling at the door to be let back into the house. He's never happy because he's an asshole.

My cell phone contract expires in September. Can't decide if I want to stay with T-Mobs (there's a new Sidekick... it's a Droid!!) or switch to AT&T (oOoOo... white iPhone!). Although, T-Mobs was bought by AT&T, so it's like, six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Gonna go play some Wordsmith and then get ready to rock the casbah. Love you!