Friday, June 10, 2011

I talked to my mommy yesterday. I didn't want her to see my new tat on the Book of Faces and get upset about it. So, I called her to explain it to her. For the first time since my first tat in 1995, she didn't get upset. She just sort of sighed and said, "well, I'm used to it now." We're making progress, kids.

Been to several yoga classes in the last two weeks. Feels so good to get back in the room and actually practice. But the studio I've been going to has limited poses, and they're very specific as to how you're supposed to get into them. I like the hot yoga, it's my favorite. But I also like the freedom to explore and see where my body will go.

I still want a really big watch. I have the one I want saved in my wishlist. It's only $250, which is really not that expensive for a nice watch. But once again, as the cable is off, and I'm just barely treading water right now, it's a terrible plan. But it's nice to have dreams, yo!