Monday, April 18, 2011

I got a new job. I also got a new puppy. I am making big changes, because I am ready for some big changes. I am also ready for a Dr Pepper and for this new job to start paying off.

So, new puppy. He's a little boy. He is about seven weeks old. I decided to name him Thelonius Monk Nelson. I got him last night. He spent all night snuggled in my hoodie, being freaked out. Today, he is running and jumping and playing with Daisy. I think he may be bigger than her when he finally grows. His paws are pretty big, but that may mean nothing.

Also, I will need to get him fixed as soon as possible. I think when they're six months old is when you can do it. So, when's that? August-ish? Should work.

He's so little bitty right now, he fits under the couch. Which is great when he needs an escape. Not so great when I want him to quit his shit and come sit next to me, on the couch.