Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Someone asked me, "Heather, how do you keep your shit together so well?"

Hahahahahahahahahahaha *gasps for breath* hahahahahaha!

I am so not together. I am a mess. I do manage to put on some makeup and head out there every day. Because, what are my other options?

I am already more pleased with 2011. My final shitty note of 2010 was to get into an argument with a very good friend. Haven't talked to him since. Lame, but the exact end I expected to the craptastical year that was.

But, 2011 has already held a couple profitable shifts, and a couple of really fun nights with friends.

I have also been watching Sex in the City. I resisted. Hard. I'd only seen a few episodes, and was all o.O about them, because what the fuck? I'm all for silly escapist folly, but this shit? The shoes? The clothes that drift between adorable and ridiculous? The infantile behavior of these four women? The few eps I caught in late '99/early '00-ish were not appealing. But The Model has the entire box set. We started it at season one, episode one. It's pretty damn funny. I just started the fifth season.

I started Buffy rewatch in January of last year. I just finished the last season in early November. And, technically speaking, I didn't rewatch the whole thing. I only watched Once More, With Feeling in the seventh season. Overall, it held up. Still love it.

I am going to yoga tomorrow. I haven't been in five months. I am a little nervous. I hope to get back in a yoga groove pretty quickly, but you never can tell. There have been a couple little signs this week, leading me to believe that the time for yoga is now. He who hesitates, masturbates.

Wait, what?