Friday, December 17, 2010

hurry up and be over, 2010. The end of the year is so close. You guys know that I'm not big on the whole new year's resolution, it's the end of the year, better change everything. I'm more of a if things suck, change 'em now kinda chick. But am happy to have this year almost done. I feel like 2011 has potential.

First, my birthday will be 11-11-11. Come. On! That totally rules. I had once placed a deposit on the Dallas World Aquarium. I needed that $250 back, so I'm sure that date is now long since booked. That's all right. I will find an awesome spot to host a party with an open bar, and it will be an amazing 37th birthday party.

Second, I have nothing but high hopes for 2011. It could be a big year, kids. A. Big. Year.

I think I may be entering "ready for another dog" phase. I will never stop missing Lucy, but there are lots of other animals who need my love. I may go to the pound and see what's around.

I spent my christmas check on being sick. I went down hard Sunday, and finally went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon. Bronchitis and sinusitis. Yay! Got me a z-pack and something called Tussicaps, that was supposed to help with my cough, but it doesn't seem to work all that well. I am going to call her tomorrow and see if she can just give me cough syrup, like I axed fo' in the first place. I'm mostly better now, so I may just be done. Also, these stupid Tussicaps were $90, and that's with my insurance. For $90, I expect to be comatose.

Okay, kids... I'm gonna sweep the Du II, and watch some Tivo. Y'all take care of yourselves and each other.