Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my baby sister's dad died. he struggled with MS for more than 10 years. i'm sorry that he's gone. i'm glad he's not a prisoner in his own body any longer.

my cat is holding steady. a friend is loaning me his credit card to take him in. i am not happy about being indebted to someone else, since i already owe everyone everything. but i also don't want to face losing my cat.

rented scott pilgrim vs. the world last night. got some red vines. thoroughly enjoy myself for close to two hours.

i'm trying to stay slightly chipper. i don't really feel like anything right now, so might as well at least put on a lot mascara and a smile for now.

my love of joy division is pretty well known. this is my favorite joy division song, and i'm really feeling it this week. please to enjoy digital.