Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Clean Magic Eraser mop -

You & I are going to be very good friends. Way to deliver on your promises. A little Fabuloso in Fresca Lavanda scent, and the whole house is sparkly. My only complaint is that you seem to get a bit munged up in the corners. But hot damn, does my kitchen floor look good. I wish you had a sibling that would shine up hardwoods.

Love Always,

I was checking out at the grocery store today when work called. There weren't enough reservations on the books to necessitate that amount of servers scheduled. The manager just went down the list calling us. I was the first one to answer. I got another unexpected night off. I feel bad for our coworker, Zach. Our schedule is alphabetized by first names. He probably never gets called off.

A bonus night off works for me. Came home, cleaned the whole house, and then napped in the fresh-smelling house. Hooray, Sunday nap!

I plan to catch Toy Story 3 on Tuesday. I have yet to not adore a Pixar film, and this looks to be no exception.