Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why Moving to Houston Would Not Be the Worst Thing In the World:

1) the majority of my family lives in Houston and the surrounding areas
2) I grew up in that area, and still have some childhood friends there
3) there are plenty of yoga studios and ballet schools there
4) there's a fairly lively cultural scene
5) the people in Houston are friendlier than the people in Dallas

Why Moving to Houston Would Be the Worst Thing In the World:

a) I live apart from my family because we are ideologically as different as we can be
b) I left Houston 15 years ago come this November - a city changes a lot in 15 years
c) I have established long-term relationships with yoga studios up here, and I'm just getting into ballet
d) there's plenty to see and do up here in Dallas
e) I have built a life in this city, however insignificant it may be. It's still *my* life