Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the last time I posted was post #666, and I kind of wanted to leave it for a while.

I have had the last two Mondays off, and have used both of them to leave the house and socialize. Go, me. I hope I get every Monday off. There's a Monday night dance class called "Beyonce", and I am all over that shizz.

I went to see "Death at a Funeral". I've already seen the British one, which is lolz. I thoroughly enjoyed this version, too. Save for one scene involving scatological humour. That only made me put down the Milk Duds.

I am currently working on another list. 40 Things I Want to Accomplish Before I Turn 40. I'll put it up as soon as it's finished.

I am ready for spring/early summer. Days is the high eighties, nights in the mid-seventies. Yeah, that's why I love Texas.