Friday, April 30, 2010

40 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 40

1. pirouette en pointe
2. use my passport, which is sadly empty after having it for seven years, to go to France
3. have really long hair again
4. get my lollipop tattoo on my ribcage
5. complete at least a 1/2 marathon
6. next level sommelier certification
7. do the splits
8. go on vacation alone
9. take a night class, just for fun
10. a yogic forearm balance, such as feathered peacock or astravakrasana
11. go to Canada
12. go to Mexico (going to Matamoros on Sping Break doesn't count)
13. start and finish NaNoWriMo
14. get some boobs
15. get some Botox
16. try a cleanse for a week
17. go to a rodeo (I haven't been to one since I was 20)
18. learn to surf, damn it
19. live in a loft in an arts district (city irrelevant)
20. find a hat that works for me, and wear it
21. find a flattering vintage suit, and wear it
22. go vegetarian again
23. have a mammogram, since breast cancer runs in the maternal side of the fam
24. have a heart screening, since heart disease is even more prevalent in the maternal side of the fam
25. see a Broadway musical ON BROADWAY
26. go to Los Angeles and do Scott's Dearly Departed Tour (would really like to do this one with my momz)
27. be able to converse fluidly in another language
28. have pink hair
29. have five figures saved in IRA account
30. own and drive late sixties/early seventies muscle car
31. sing onstage (for real, not rapping at karaoke with friends), in tune and out loud
32. learn the entire dance routine to All the Single Ladies
33. learn to tap dance
34. wear evening gloves
35. go to the opera
36. go to a ballet that *isn't* The Nutcracker
37. go to Vegas again
38. go somewhere in the Southeast Pacific and stay in a hut on the beach, doing yoga at sunrise and get a protection tattoo from a Buddhist monk in a Wat
39. redecorate entire home
40. eat something that scares me, but won't kill me