Friday, April 09, 2010


I quit my job. I gave them two week's notice last week, and then I didn't work out my notice. I cannot force myself to get back on the elevator and go up there one more time. So, technically, I gave them one week's notice. That may make me a terrible person, but my bitterness and disdain is palpable, and that's a highly contagious attitude. They have enough problems without me hating them openly for my last week.

I also start training for a new place this afternoon at 3pm. No matter what happens, I will be so much happier. Life is too short to embrace so much misery. I am still hoping for a job in another city. But in the here and now, I live here now, so I should at least enjoy what I do.

Today's video is the amazing Carole King live with It's Too Late