Friday, March 26, 2010

so, the constables are here, doing the official eviction of The Neighbor Who Moved Out in the Middle of the Night. And a major shout out to my friend & coworker, Bethany (she also takes ballet with me) for taking in the abandoned cat. It sort of all fell into place really quickly, after a week of leaving voicemails for various rescue organizations in the city.

My friend's been mentioning for some time that she wanted to get a cat. This situation was recently thrust upon me, so I told her if she would adopt this cat, she'd not only be saving its life, she'd satisfy her new pet desire.

She and her roommate plan to spoil the hell out of this kitty, and I can't say I'm opposed. I gave them some of Uly's food and some litter to get them started. The kitty is also in Ulysses' carrier right now, headed to her new apartment in downtown Dallas. I'm so glad that this is the conclusion to the abandoned kitty story.