Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Neighbor (who moved out in the middle of the night)--

FUCK YOU! No, seriously, go eat shit and live. I can't believe you abandoned a cat in a home with no heat, and no concern as to what might happen to her. She was on my porch this morning, in the snow, yowling in terror. You suck at life. Your cat is a living, breathing, feeling creature. And you just thought, "well, best of luck to you, tiny non-self-sufficient thing."

Animals have emotions. They know fear. They know anger. They know love. And for you to just decide that this poor thing can take care of itself, well, it kind of makes me hate you. I can't take on another animal. It's also not the neighbor on the other side's responsibility. I wish people didn't suck so much.

p.s.-- on semi-related note, fuck you, too, friend of my hairdresser, for arguing with me on Facebook that it's ok to declaw cats, for your convenience. I hope somebody cuts off the first knuckle of your hands, so you know that pain and you can't type crap to people you don't know on the internet.

Pissed off at the world now,