Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm afraid I disappointed my youngest niece. She was in the car with her memaw (my mom), and we were all chatting on speaker. She asked me if I liked Twilight. I was honest and said I didn't. I don't care for the mentally abusive aspect of the relationship between Bella and Edward. I don't care for the self-denial as sexiness aspect of it. I don't care for the characters at all. Bella is boring and Edward is an asshole. I don't like the ways she always needs a big strong man to pull her out of her jams. And I finally, I told her, I am old school. Vampires don't sparkle in the damn sunlight. They explode into piles of dust. I think I will send her the first season of Buffy when I am done with it.

one more thing:

Dear Ladies of Dallas (and ladies, in general)--

Tights are not pants. You cannot wear an oversized button-down shirt with black tights and your boots, and not look like you've left the house half dressed. Even if you're wearing a belt. If you have to arrange your legs very close together, so's we don't get a glimpse of your vaheen, what you're wearing is not a dress. It's a shirt. Put on some pants, will ya?

I'll meet you at the Gap,