Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday morning, around 6:00am, Uly woke up with a great hunger in his shrinking belly. He decided that if he was awake, I should go on and get up, too. As I lay there for a second, trying to shush him back to sleep (which is surprisingly ineffective), I listened to the soft sound of precipitation on my roof. I figured that it was rain, and determined to sleep through. Mmmm...soft sounds on the roof.

At about 9:00am, I stretched, and looked around. I noticed my room was grey, but bright. So, I opened the blinds, and looked out onto snow. Real snow. Covering stuff and pouring down. Whoa, is this still Dallas?

I knew that work wasn't going to give us a snow day, so early in the afternoon, I headed over the river and through the Commerce Street bridge, to my friend's house in Oak Cliff.

We went to a diner on her side of town for lunch, and then slowly made our way to the Thunderdome. It was a little slippery, but I do drive a finely-crafted German automobile, so we made it safely, and on time for our shift.

It continued to snow all night, all through dinner service, and even as I was driving home from dropping my coworker back at her house. I made it home about 1:00am. Today, there is slushy gwoss dirty snow piled up everywhere. Lucy is not really a big fan of all this. It's hard to blame her.

I'm out of [Dublin Dr Pepper], so that can only mean [Dr Pepper] has gone out of business.-- Terry's take on Republican logic. Man, that's a good one.