Wednesday, December 16, 2009

man, I'm bad about writing in December.

Ok, so yeah, there was the date which wasn't a date. I'd been kind of sort of seeing this boy back in fall of 2008. We went to a Mavs game, some nice dinners, and he even took me to his company holiday party. We reconnected a few weeks ago. He asked if I wanted to have dinner with him. Sure. So, we met for sushi. It was ok. I always pick the wine when there's a wine list. I'm pushy like that. So, we're on our last sushi rolls, and he hits me with "I need your womanly advice." Sure, what's up? "How do I break-up with the girl I've been seeing for over a year, so I can date someone I met in the Caymans?"


Dude, really? First he told me he couldn't do it because of the holidays. Then he said something about her studying for finals, and it being a bad time to upset her. I explained that there's never really a good time to upset someone. He got quiet, and looked at his plate. Then, I added, "and don't do that bullshit trick where you act like a dick and try to get her to break up with you, either." I swear to you, he blushed and said "how did you...I was...whoa." Yeah, head's up, we know that trick. Anyway, I told him that waiting was a bad plan, and he owed to the girl to be honest with her.

What else? Oh, here's another li'l insight into me. I like to be left the hell alone.

There was this girl at work (she's not employed at the Thunderdome any longer). She got drunk one night, and called me to whine about her life. I happened to be awake at 1:45am, so I answered. And while she was playing poor pitiful me, she said "you don't even like me." And then, I got pissed. I told her that it was outright insulting to insinuate. After all, like every one else with a cell phone, except for my momz, I have voice mail. I don't have to answer the phone. And for me to do so must mean that I care, non? I told her to call me in the morning, when she sobered up. That following night, while I was at work, she sent me a four page text message. I didn't respond, because it didn't warrant a response. Then, Sunday, whilst I was going Krogering, she called. I didn't hear the phone. She left a voice mail, saying almost verbatim what the four page text had said. I didn't call her back, because it didn't warrant a call back. At 5:50pm Sunday night, as I was waking up from my Sunday afternoon nap, this crazy bitch dropped by unannounced. Oh hell no. If I haven't answered you in two days, what in the holy hell would possess you to disrupt my Sunday evening quiet time. No ma'am. All you did was make me crotchety towards ya. Knocking on my damn door without specifically having been invited over is not allowed in my world.

I don't do drop ins.