Monday, November 16, 2009

I had just finished putting on my clean yoga clothes, following my leisurely shower. I walked down the hall way. Suddenly, there was a hissing sound from behind the door where the water heater lives. The door with no damn doorknob.

I stood there for a second, with my ear to the door. And then water started pouring out from under the door. And then I started to get nervous. Because I can't open that door. And I don't know how to make the water stop. I call the landlord. I get voicemail. I call the leasing office. I speak to one of the two girls who run the office. I express to this girl that I am standing in water, it's not stopping and I can't get in that closet because of the lack of a doorknob. She tells me to hold on, and she calls the handyman on another line. She comes back to me and says, "he'll be there in a few minutes." Okay, okay, let's try to stay calm. He'll be right here. Okay, breathe.

20 minutes elapse. Still the water's flowing. I call the landlord again. I get voicemail again. I call the leasing office again. I again speak to the girl. She says "he isn't there yet?" Nope, he's not. And this is not actually getting better, it's getting worse. She tells me that he suddenly isn't answering. Why the face? What am I gonna do?

He finally shows up 42 minutes after I make the first call. He uses a screwdriver and his pocketknife to open the door. Then, he turns off the water, and tells me "yeah, jou gon need a new one" Yes, I can see that. How long until you can put a new one in? He tells me that he has to have approval. I tell him to get approval. Then I call the landlord and the leasing office and say this must be approved today. I cannot go without hot water. That's just not an option. He takes the old tank out, and tells me not to worry, that he'll be back by 4:30 to install the new one.

Wow, thanks, but I usually leave for work at 3:45pm, so I need this to be done before then. He says he will try. He also says that I can leave a key in the mailbox, and he can do it when I'm not here. Um...yeah, You're not allowed to be in my house when I am not in my house. There are animals that must be wrangled. I have personal, private things here. Because it's my personal, private space (please see yesterday's post). So, I had to miss my 11:30 am yoga class and also, call my boss at Thunderdome to explain the sitch. He was understanding. It's a Monday, so we're not super busy. I'd rather be there and making money than sitting here and waiting. Right now, there's just a hole in the floor.

He finally came back at 5:37pm. He brought a buddy with him. It took them about 30 minutes to get it together.

While he did the water heater install, his buddy installed a doorknob. Yay! Now, I can open that door if I need to. I hope I don't need to.