Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I just got into a little tiff with my new bank. They charged me two NSF funds, but my account wasn't NSF. It *could* have gone, but I had two pending deposits and three pending charges. My charges totaled $12 less than my deposits, so no matter how it's sliced, I still had the money. And yet, I had to call them. The nice lady on the phone explained to me that the bank doesn't know when you're going to make deposits. My argument was regardless, there was never an insufficient balance. I had enough money. Had everything cleared at once, I still would have a positive balance, albeit a small one. I don't have to maintain a minimum balance. So, even if I only have $12, I have sufficient funds for $11.99 more charges!

Had another little freakout when Uly decided to hide in the coat closet. I know that kitties is sneaky, but he is a master hider. I keed, I keed. Because most times, he'll hide like this:

And I'm like "where's my kitty man?" And his little tail will whip around. Hee!

But today, he wasn't under the stairs to nowhere. He wasn't in the closet with my shoes. He wasn't on top of the picture box in the coat closet. He wasn't on the bookshelf or under the television. He was nowhere he normally is. I grabbed his treats (he likes salmon flavored Greenies, if you're wondering), and started shaking the bag and making the sucking teeth noise that he can't resist. And out he came. He was tucked away behind the Spike puppet that Lucy hates so much. Excellent hiding job, little man. Please don't do that again.