Sunday, July 12, 2009

according to blogger, this is my 600th post. Yeah, I'm sure this'll be worth it.

I made a stupid decision this week. I bought a pack of smokes. *coughcough* Some Nat Sherman Fantasias. The guy in the smokeshop even seemed to be trying to talk me out of it. He said "you don't look like a smoker." Don't judge me, guy smoking a big, fat, stogie! He also made them very expensive. Holy cow! *coughcough* Were they always this much, and in my elderly condition, I've just forgotten? I've given about half the pack away. Because I just wanted to have them be near me again. I have missed cigarettes. *coughcoughcough*

And now, I am hurting in my lungal region. And I know better. But dammit, I wanted them. Someone asked me why I just couldn't buy normal $5 cigarettes. Because I am a beautiful and unique snowflake and can't smoke the same things as other people.

Also, smoking makes you look cool, and you know it!