Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear People of My Quirky East Dallas Neighborhood:

You're a bunch of nasty jerks. Why does only one of us scoop our pet's waste? Let's not even discuss the fact that it's the law (because I could give a shit about minor shit like that). Let's go with it is gross. If it's not YOUR responsibility to pick up YOUR pet's waste, whose is it? The make those fire hydrant-shaped bag holders that attach to any leash. You can always ask for plastic at the grocery store. You could even use those thin, clear bags they want you to use so that, OMG, your vegetables don't touch in the grocery cart.

The point is, there is no excuse for not scooping your pet's poops. I have a blind cousin, who has a guide dog. *HE* scoops his guide dog's waste, there's no reason any of you can't.

Stop being gross.

Also, please scoop so that my disgusting pooch doesn't feel compelled to investigate every. single. turd.

Thanks in advance,