Saturday, March 14, 2009

We've come to the point where Smang has been gone too long. I always love the first few days when she's gone, because I like having the place to myself. But then, 'round about day three, the boredom kicks in. The house feels too quiet, too still. I considered leaving the teebee on in the living room last night, so there would be some background noise. I thought better of it. It's hard enough to fall asleep lately.

I'm gonna go to work now. I have to make enough money to pay my car payment and the weekend nights are not always profitable. Also, the reason Smang is gone too long is she's in NJ, celebrating the anniversary of her birth. Which means I have to think of some sort of magnificent present before she gets home*. I have Champagne tastes and a Miller High Life budget. Hey, it's the champagne of beers, dammit.

*~ [spoiler]psyyyyyyyyych! I totally know what I'm getting for her. Don't tell her.

Oh, you didn't think I was gonna reveal them here, did you?[/spoiler]