Tuesday, March 24, 2009

if I had one complaint about the service industry, it'd be the lack of sick days or paid time off or whatever you want to call it. We have to work when we're sick or we don't get paid. There are people at my job who will call out when they're not sick, they just want to be lazy. I have terrible dirty tummy today, and would like to stay home. But I don't think it's really an option for me. Another server we work with has called out for 15 of his last 20 shifts. First he claimed flu. Then strep. Then car trouble. Then, his brother was sick. It's always something. This is the same guy who is constantly complaining that he makes no money. You have to be there to make make money, douche. He's ruined it for everyone. Now, I have to go and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, because I'm responsible and all.

I tell you what, I'll go do what I have to do, because it's what I signed up for. But I am not fixing my hair or my makeup today. I'm not eating family meal, but that's just because I don't feel good and it's always fried food and high carb crap.

I would give anything to just be able to not give a damn and just lie here.