Sunday, February 08, 2009

I cannot wait for our grand opening. It is tomorrow and Tuesday. The entire staff has been patient. This week will determine whether we made a good choice or we will all be looking for jobs. I hope it's the former.

I can't seem to stay awake through Tropic Thunder. I have tried to watch it three different times now, and I never make it. I usually crash before Tom Cruise shows up. I wake up when things explode. I go back to sleep when Ben Still starts talking.

I personally showed our house yesterday. A Realtor and his clients showed up 30 minutes late. We were already back home and Smang was getting ready to go to watch some roller derby. I was just sitting on the Narco-Couch. So, maybe those people will buy this house. C'mon, people. Buy it! Have this be your starter house. Otherwise, we drove around with the dogs in the car for two hours FOR NO DAMN REASON!

I think I'm going to see Coraline tonight. I'm watching the Grammy Awards tonight. I know nothing about current popular music, but it's an awards show, so I am required, by law, to watch. And then I have to start prepping my uniform for tomorrow. Shoes must be polished. Uniform must be Dryel-ed. Eyeliners must be chosen.

Zip it up! And zip it out!