Sunday, November 09, 2008

For my birthday, we're going to a steakhouse. It's actually one of my favorite places in the city. A very awesome friend of mine works there. At least, he works there for one more week. So, after much shrugging when asked what we're doing for the festival of celebrations of my births, I now know. We're going where we went last year, because I like dead cows.

What else? Oh, it took me two whole weeks to damage my beautiful car. I did it at Mockingbird Station. Again. Hit the curb and popped my tire. Again. Two valets changed it for me while I went to the bank. My tire jack would not work, so one of them went and got his car and whipped out the biggest damn tire jack I've ever seen! It was totally awesome of them to handle that for me. Although, I'd like the record to show that I am perfectly capable of changing a tire myself. I was able to complete my errand and return to work in a semi-timely manner all due to those boys. So, I thanked them profusely. I also gave them a tip, because it's the least I could do. Thanks again, guys. :)

Finally, last night, Noeliwicious and I were hanging at the Monk. Noeli said "go out on the patio and look left. I think I recognize that guy, but I'm not sure." So, I went out, and took a look around. At first, I didn't recognize anyone. And then, I saw a large guy, with his hand on his ladyfriend's ass. That wasn't what got my attention. It was the thumb ring the guy was wearing. And that's when I realized the Noeliwicious sent me out because the guy with the thumb ring was The Hot Bartender, from days of yore, and Noeli is a dick.