Sunday, September 21, 2008

My shiner's pretty much gone. My stitches still look pretty gnarly, but unless I move my bangs, you can't really see them. I've been so adept at hiding my injury with my emo bangs, one of my servers didn't even know I was banged up. I was closing last night, so as the restaurant emptied, I went into the office, applied my goo to my eye, and went back out to finish closing it down. When I went to check with the closing server, he gasped and went "Oh my gosh! Don't move! Ok! Something has happened to your eye! It' looks pretty bad." Heh. Thanks, buddy. I told him I face-planted into the ice machine Thursday and was aware that I was oogy looking, as I'd just applied goo. He was really worried for a second. Aw!

So, here's what it looks like this morning: