Saturday, August 30, 2008

That cockroach sent reinforcements. They waited until Smang was out of town, and came after me when I was alone. I was not naked and soapy this time, so I handled the problem on my own. Hooray me!

Actually, when he came after me, I'd just finished watching Se7en. All by myself. At night, with all the lights off. Because there was a review of it I read on Thursday, and I happen to own it. I was already wide awake & freaked out. So I coasted on adrenaline.

Still really excited about the upcoming job change. I have also reached the point of sadness about leaving. As word slowly leaks out, people keep telling me how they're going to miss me. It's like I'm going away to college or something. The thing is, I'll be real close. Most of them will still see me daily. How can y'all miss me if I don't go away?

Ok, Pat Morita is doing a voice on Spongebob and I need to take a shower. I guess I'll go attend to those things.

See you later, tater!