Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Habe has a name! It's Jacob Galen. I hope I'm spelling that right. He's such a peaceful little guy. Also, he's totally sipping on some wine right now. A dude after my own heart.

Oh, I almost forgot. I tripped going up the stairs. I was late for the bris. They hadn't started when I came in, but they were explaining what a mitzvah it is for this boy to be brought into the world, and may he make his family and his faith proud, and I was trying to creep up the stairs to where Smang had secured our viewing points. In my haste, I tripped & slipped on the stairs. I lost a flip flop and my sunglasses flew off my head. Way to sneak in!

I also may or may not have squealed when they finally revealed his name.