Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I keep wondering what kind of post card I would send to Frank. I have planned them in my head. Alas, I have no talent for art, so I will just post a bunch of my secrets here, and then maybe I'll feel free again.

I absolutely love the movie Grease 2.
I wear waaaaaaaay too much eye makeup, but get lazy on the rest of the face.
I think Thriller is an awesome album, and I still listen to it, even though I think Michael Jackson is a disgusting child molester.
I've never seen Schindler's List. Don't want to, either.
I fear that I will die alone.
I believe Buffy the Vampire Slayer, seasons 2 - 5, to be the best written television show ever.
I have had so many inappropriate crushes this year, it's difficult to keep it all straight anymore.
I loved The Flake more than anyone, ever. I still do, really.
I miss my grandma so much that I feel a physical pain in my chest when I think about her.
I get scared when I'm alone in the dark.
The mere thought of my dog getting sick and dying (which is inevitable) makes me cry.
I also cry when I hear about other people's dogs pets getting sick or dying (which is inevitable).
I don't always eat enough.
I don't always get enough sleep.
I am awfully clumsy, especially considering I teach people to find their own grace.
I am terrified of failing again, so much that I am really hesitating to even try.
I always feel better when I watch Nightmare Before Christmas. Which totally makes me emo.
I tivo Friends.

okay, now I feel like taking a shower.

it's not the end of everything, it's just the end of everything you know. - Bob