Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some jerkface stole my debit card! FROM THE YOGA STUDIO! Left the cash in my wallet undisturbed (can't get much for that $24?). Put my wallet back in my purse. I would not have even noticed my debit card was missing.

It's my own fault. I always step out of class and lock the front door. I didn't do it this night. And this night, someone came in and took my card. How would you not be afraid that I was going to walk out of the classroom and see you? Or not worry that someone had gone to the bathroom, and would be coming out? Also, I don't have much, but I work very hard for what I've got. Don't fucking take it from me! Go work for your own shit!

But I have a good bank. I didn't know how good my bank was. Until they called me to ask me if I had authorized a $500 purchase at the Wal-Mart grocery store. Press 1 for yes; 2 for no. I wanted to press 3 for fuck no! I have never spent $500 at the grocery store. I didn't even know you could spend $500 at the Wal-Mart grocery store.

This is a gigantic pain in my ass, but it was caught fairly early, so the damage is minimal. I bought myself a fabulous feel-better frock yesterday afternoon.