Thursday, April 03, 2008

While I am feeling helpless, our friend, Jenny H., is on her game. This is reposted from her myspace. Y'all, if you can and will help, email me.

Hello Everyone!!

I don’t ever blog so this shows you how important and serious this is. One of my very close friends was brutally attacked last night in her apartment while she was sleeping. Her brave soul fought the man tooth and nail and because of this she is alive. This friend is sunshine in my life and many others. A black cloud hangs over all that know her. We are beside ourselves, anyone of us would take her pain and anger for her. If could I would replace the small part of her giving, loving spirit that he took.

The reason I am writting is because as a friend I want to do anything and everything I can to make this time easier for her. When this evil man could take no more of her fight he got up and took a bag from the floor and left. In that bag were her cameras she uses as a free lance photogopher. These are expensive cameras and they need to be replaced. Also, she is a yoga instructor. He left her in no shape to work and teach her classes. Without her cameras and the ablilty to teach she can not make money. I am asking all of you to please help by giving whatever you can. None of us are rich people-- any donation big or small will help her. Please feel free to contact me on myspace or call me .Thank you.

Jenny H