Thursday, March 13, 2008

Most of y'all know that I got this awesome necklace for my birthday. I have worn it almost non-stop since I got it. I took it off for Karen & Allan's wedding (it totally didn't go with the dress with the flimsy straps) and once for a haircut (I want it to fall off, not get cut off). It's nigh invulnerable, because it's been four months! And the last time I got my haircut, I left it on. Because seriously. Four. Months.

Yesterday, I went to see Amie. She's my aesthetician, and I had some aesthetics to attend to. As I was leaving her, I was over browsing through all the creams and potions and whatnots that she has for sale. In a little dish, she had a necklace like mine, but with an elephant.

"Hey!", I exclaimed, grabbing my own necklace. "I have one of these. It's a wish, Amie. You're supposed to wear it until it falls off and then your wish will come true!"

"Oh. I had to take it off because it's a good sex omen. I've had too much good sex lately.", she replied. "I need a break."

"Give me this one. You take my boot. I want the elephant. I need the elephant. Need!"

So now, Amie kicks ass, and I wear the sex elephant.