Thursday, January 10, 2008

All right, so we're coming up on 15,000 visits (since I started counting). Now, I am aware that most of those are my family (Hi y'all!). And the rest are probably Smang, and Joy. Still, 15,000 times, people have clicked here and read my rantings. That blows me away. Seriously.

And while we're on the subject of family reading the blahg, I'd like to officially welcome y'all. And remind you that this is my writing, so at no point are the things that are written here ever allowed to be brought up independently of said blahg. You see, here's the thing: therapy is expensive. $100 per visit. I still occasionally go, because I need to. But this is my therapy. So this is where I get out frustration and anger and whathaveyou. So, I'm glad you're here. Check out the archives. Get to know me. But do not, under any circumstances, bring up these stories at familial gatherings. Thank you and I love you.

And finally, The Nuge is knocked up. Smang and I are on Ninja Fetal Detail. Anyone who goes in for the belly without prior written consent from The Nuge or her husband, The Doc, will get knocked the fuck down. We're on duty for the next 31 weeks. Look out!