Monday, December 10, 2007

I deleted your number today. It took a minute. I totally hesitated. But, I won't need it. See, I kept having these intense urges to call you. Oh, don't worry. I'm not going to. Not having your number any longer just ensures that. I have nothing left to say. I'm sorry that things ended so badly, but I am not at all sorry that things ended.

Life is a wheel. Sometimes we're up. Sometimes we're down. It's an ever revolving ride. If we pay attention, we learn the things we're supposed to learn, and move on to the next lesson. If we stop paying attention, then we keep running into the same shit, again and again and again. Until we learn. Until we say, "Okay, I got this. I have finally figured this one thing out." I hope I get to figure out a lot of things. I want to find new experiences. I want it all.

After all, how many times can you run your head into a brick wall until you finally get it? "Son of bitch. That kind of hurts!"