Friday, December 14, 2007

I am feeling the need for the warm fuzzies. I give you 100 things I like. Go ahead, think up 100 things you like. It's fun.

1. the faces Lucy makes
2. the taste and feel of ice cold Dr Pepper
3. trying new foods
4. taking my own polish into the pedicure place
5. reading trivia books
6. seeing my family
7. seeing my family in my own face
8. Brother’s Fried Chicken
9. relating to things on Post Secret
10. the feeling of getting your entire spine to extend in Downward Facing Dog
11. finally meeting people that I’ve talked to for years, and finding out that they’re more awesome than I’d previously thought
12. musicals
13. singing very loud and off-key in my car
14. the way my youngest niece looks exactly like my youngest sister when she smiles
15. the way that Smang and I have many silly inside jokes
16. my black raincoat. It came from, it was so marked down that it cost more to ship than to purchase the coat, and it’s awesome
17. really creamy risotto
18. going to the movies alone
19. going to the movies with someone
20. the sound a crème brulee makes when you first crack it with a spoon
21. when the house is quiet
22. sharing Big Reds with Jacob at work. They don’t taste as good outside that setting
23. my Bob Schneider hat
24. medium tip ballpoint pens
25. the monkey-shaped cookie jar in the kitchen
26. folding laundry fresh out of the dryer
27. text messaging
28. American-made muscle cars with huge engines and loud paintjobs
29. banned art
30. Pixar movies
31. reading salacious biographies
32. Votivo Clean Crisp White candles
33. Betts & Scholl The Chronique Grenache
34. my purple Chuck Ts
35. my ridiculous phone
36. the way Russell Hammond says, “YES!” when he’s asked by the real Topeka guy if he wants to watch him feed a mouse to his snake in “Almost Famous”
37. the focaccia bread at the Italian Joint next door to where I work
38. Icebreakers Raspberry Sorbet gum
39. a good dirty joke
40. when people get my bumper sticker
41. the look of the Dallas skyline at night, when the weather is slightly drizzly
42. Oscar night
43. having my back rubbed
44. black and white photography
45. Holly Golightly’s very long cigarette holder threatening her guests in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
46. that sometimes, no matter how hard I try, a little Texas twang slips out of my mouth
47. walking barefoot in slightly damp grass
48. the Slap Bet storyline on How I Met Your Mother
49. when Kermit sings “The Rainbow Connection”
50. hand-written notes
51. when The Snooch purrs so loud that he sounds like a tiny boat motor
52. large, plastic, sparkly rings
53. watching scary movies by myself, working myself into a paranoid frenzy
54. wandering through all the shoe departments at Northpark. All. Of. Them.
55. staying up late
56. gingerbread cookies and chamomile tea
57. finger sandwiches with cream cheese, dill and cucumber
58. knowing all of the lyrics to Before These Crowded Streets
59. wearing my hair in braided pigtails, despite being way too old for that hairstyle
60. how Brownie has one ear that stands up and one ear that flops over
61. Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash
62. wearing Spongebob Squarepants knee socks with my boots
63. Oreos
64. knee length, empire-waisted dresses
65. taking a bubble bath
66. drinking a glass of champagne
67. the comedy of Richard Pryor
68. funky tights and patterned hosiery
69. fresh blueberries on just about anything
70. very large sunglasses
71. copper eyeliner
72. dark chocolate
73. walking on the beach when it’s winter
74. the driver’s seat of my car
75. the shuffle feature on iPod
76. the episode of Friends where Jon Lovitz gets stoned
77. the smell of the house when Smang is baking cakes
78. being bundled up on the couch when it’s cold outside
79. holiday movies of all kinds, and not just at the holidays
80. having some secrets
81. very dark nail polish
82. chili con queso
83. mojitos
84. making Blue Steel at people
85. the idea of reorganizing my makeup
86. my smoking monkey
87. having birthday parties
88. being hugged
89. coconut cream pie
90. flannel pajama pants
91. disaster movies from the Seventies
92. when the bluebonnets bloom in the springtime
93. the view over White Rock Lake, the part without the giant bridge
94. Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas
95. big dogs who lean into you
96. little dogs who cuddle with you
97. hedgehogs
98. caramel popcorn
99. black patent leather maryjane stilettos
100. being free to be me